Outreachy / Week 7

Outreachy / Week 7

This is the 7th Week of My Outreachy Internship

Wow! I can't believe it's seventh week already and all I can say is thanks be to Almighty God who took me this far. Some days were easy and some days were really difficult for me when I had no idea how to continue working on my task or what to do to move forward. Luckily I am under the guidance of amazing mentors who are helping me continuously to implement my tasks efficiently in the project.

What I have done so far.

  • Add surpport for Export location filtering when listing Shares: The first task i did after being accepted as an Outreachy OpenStack Manila Intern was Add surpport for export location filtering when listing shares.. This Openstack Manila Client command adds support for filtering with either share export location ID or path when listing shares. I also added both unit and functional test to this same command.

  • Add support for --soft when deleting one or more shares: This patch adds support for soft deleting one or more shares and lists shares with --soft-deleted flag. With this command you can create share in Manila, soft delete the share in which the share would be store inside the recycle bin and one could easily restore back the share when the need arises using the share restore command.

  • Implement Share Restore Command: This patch adds the 'openstack share restore'command,which implements same functionality as 'manila restore' and can be used to restore a share from the recycle bin. One can easily create share in Manila, soft delete the created share and can still restore back the soft deleted share using the share restore restore command. I also implemented the functional test to the share restore command which tests the entire functionality of the code.

  • I assigned myself some new tasks on python-manilaclients projects. I came with a very vibrant energy to assist in pending tasks while exploring and experimenting with my mentors guides.

As a progress report, I am picking up speed gradually following the guidance of my mentors: Maari and Carlos while learning new concepts for the entire OpenStack ecosystem. I am given a task to Start drafting some code to implement share server migration commands. This is a huge task and I have started to implement the basic features. I am already aware that this task would challenge my entire understanding of the concepts and enable me to apply all the skills I have learned so far. I believe with the guidance of my mentors, I would complete the task successfully.